“Anthony composed the full scores for two natural history films I produced for Smithsonian. Each had a distinct style and pace, so there was very little opportunity for crossover and the deadlines were tight. Anthony collaborated closely with me and with the two editors to tailor each score beautifully, a process that inevitably involved multiple rewrites and some feedback from the commissioner that pulled no punches. Throughout, his dedication was unwavering and his sense of humour never failed him.

The resultant scores won praise not just from the commissioner, but from the 'seen (and heard) it all before' dubbing editors. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Anthony again.”

Steve Cole, Series Producer

“Anthony did a fantastic job composing the complete score for ‘First Brit: Secrets of the 10,000 Year Old Man’ (Channel 4, Feb. 2018). I worked very closely with Anthony through the whole process, and found him great to work with, and very responsive to notes and input. As with all film scores, there were cues that proved very hard to get exactly right, and I was incredibly impressed with Anthony’s willingness and ability to re-work pieces a number of times to make them perfect.

Anthony had a huge amount of creative input into the score, as we started discussing it and thinking about it many weeks before the edit even began. Again, I was very impressed with how well he responded to the creative brief, and with the ideas he came up with.

I’d have been very happy to get this score from a composer with many years of experience.”

Steven Clarke - Senior Producer

"Anthony composed superb pieces for our Real Tiger Safari film. His pieces worked in perfect synergy with the pictures, creating and enhancing exactly the right emotional charge. Some pieces were to create tension, some to add mystery, some to act as a backdrop to travelling sequences - all did the job extremely well. He made our first tiger encounter really thrilling, way more exciting that it would have been without his music. 

As the whole film is set in India, Anthony was able to imbue the pieces with an Indian flavour without it being in anyway trite or predictable. Anthony was able to re-work suggested existing themes but also take on board the producer's thoughts on entirely new compositions. Its very difficult for non-musicians to try to explain their thoughts to expert musicians but Anthony picked up and enhanced our ideas with great skill. We were very lucky to have Anthony and he has significantly enhanced our film."

Martin Hughes-Games - Natural History Presenter and Producer

"Anthony came on board last minute to our advertisement film ‘Sixer’, so was straight away put under pressure to deliver a quality product fast. He took examples of what we were looking for and put together a quality composition. He worked collaboratively with us on tweaks and changes to really get the music working with the edit. We were impressed with his passion, dedication and ability to understand what we wanted."

Robin Lewis - Editor and Filmmaker